the right to strike will be put at risk via Conservatives

The impact of yes will be seismic both for Scotland and the rest of the union, politics will never be the sane again, exciting times

“The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”.

What makes me laugh is the recent announcement from the Conservatives that they will raise the bar in regards the trade unions voting for strike action to 50%. They seem to forget that they did not have an overall majority in parliament and had to depend on their bedroom partner (LibDems) to form a coalition furthermore the turnout at the 2010 general elections was less than 50%. But hey who am I, I’m just a country pumpkin who knows nothing.

This just a ploy by the right wing coalition deflect from the real bread and butter issues which concerns the voters as Conservatives know that their days are numbered. Let’s not forget what Maggie Thatcher (decease) and Rupert Murdock both did to during the Coal Miners and Wapping disputes well done all in the name of the…

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Carers being abusive

Anyone come across this recently? Carers need support but when does that relationship become toxic? Is it when the dependent person has a voice and asserts their views, there are probably a lot of people in unhealthy codependent relationships but the person being cared for is by their very status vulnerable and open to abuse and exploitation.It is a very scary place to be especially when you may be both isolated by your situation.

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Spartaci – we need you – to get the message out…

Spartaci – we need you – to get the message out….

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Bash the Campaigners!

Bash the Campaigners!.

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Observation On Minister Hits Out At “False” Work Scheme Campaign To Do This Any Justices I have Included The Article Below:

The employment minister has claimed a small number of activists are trying to “destabilise” firms involved in a controversial work experience scheme.

The scheme allows unemployed youngsters to do unpaid work for up to two months without losing benefits but has been criticised by some as “slave labour”.

Chris Grayling said firms were “jumpy” because of a “false campaign” he blamed on the Socialist Workers’ Party.

But Right to Work protesters said it was a “broad-based” campaign.

Concerns expressed

The scheme, aimed at 16- to 24-year-olds on jobseeker’s allowance (JSA), allows them to do unpaid work experience with a company for up to eight weeks – without losing their benefit and potentially with some expenses paid.

But if jobseekers choose to take part and then fail to turn…

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duh how to get started

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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